Wrestling: Ep 40 - Natural Progression 5 Star Super J FAN

“He was as tough as they come.”

Intro NJPW Fighting Spirit Boston (0-16)
NXT USA Live debut, Kingston as WWE champion (16-24)
Riptide Wrestling Pride of Brighton June 9, 2019 (24-26)
Bodyslam The Flying Trunks May 4, 2019 (26-35)
Dragon Gate Storm Gate Day 1 and Day 5 2019 (35-42)
Spotlight Dick Slater NWA US title (42-48)

Weekly Wrestling (48-1:53)
Beyond All Hands on Deck (48-1:12)
MLW Eps 74-War Chamber (1:12-1:53)

AJW Classics Eps 3 1984.10.06 (1:53-2:00)
Stardom 5 Star GP Day 3 Osaka Night to Day 7 Osaka Day Sept 14  (2:00-2:24)
wXw FAN 2019 (2:24-2:33)
Progress Natural Progression Series 6 (2:33-2:36)
NJPW Super J Cup, Destruction in Kagoshima and Kobe 2019 (2:36-2:49)

WCW Road Wild 1998 (2:49-end)
Wrestler rankings to close out.

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