Wrestling: Ep 37 - Shortcut to the Juice G1 Block Finals

"You say I'm crazy? I say thank you very much"
Joined by JPQ from NPA podcast for Stardom and WCW

Intro (0-5)
NOAH Global Jr league finals (5-10)
Spotlight Roddy Piper NWA US title (10-22)

Weekly Wrestling (22-55)
MLW Eps 68-69 (22-37)
Beyond Wrestling Uncharted Territory Eps 18 (37-55)

Stardom Korakuen July 24 to Kanazawa and Shinkiba (55-1:48)
NXT TO Toronto (1:48-2:05)
Progress Ch 93 Cheer Up Juice (2:05-2:15)
wXw Shortcut to the Top 2019 (2:15-2:31)
Dragon Gate Gate of Adventure Days 4-5 (2:31-2:38)
NJPW G1 Days 11-Block Finals (2:38-3:13) 

WCW Nitro July 20, 1998 (3:13-4:18)
Wrestler rankings to close out (4:18-end).

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