Wrestling: Ep 20 - TLC Tag League Final Battle

I am already trained. JD is joined by a different Colin (ubertieguy) for this cast as we first talk about some more wrestlers signing with ROH, and then move into thoughts over the next batch of NXT call-ups to Raw and SD (0-26).
Our wrestler spotlight covers the revolutionary Dynamite Kid. We go over who he was, what he meant to wrestling, and how good he was especially his rivalry with Tiger Mask (26-41).

In this episode, we get to cover some interesting events coming out of the indie scene in the UK (41-58).
David Starr defended his title over in RPW at Cockpit 35, while Progress wrestling was busy releasing two chapters in 80 and 81 with a heavy focus on their tag team division.

Into tier 2 promotions, ROH had their final ppv of the year with a lot of send offs of the Elite leaving. Final Battle sure seemed to live up to its name (58-1:21). Finally, NJPW's tag league came to an end and the road to Wrestlekingom happened. What went down at tag league, and Ospreay and Ibushi had a moment (1:21-1:37).

WWE also had their final ppv of 2018 in TLC. The women lived up to the main event while some others sank the crowd. Also, a cage match happened in NXT. Quite a lot to discuss here (1:37-2:09).

We finish off the cast as we usually do with an episode of WCW Thunder (eps 14, 1998) the go home show before Spring Stampede. How will this one be (2:09-end)?
Cast completes with wrestler rankings and community shoutouts.


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