Wrestling: Ep 19 - One Big Neck Leyende de Hamburg

Nobody is as tough as the chief. We introduce this cast with a little Scott Hall talk from Rad followed by some wrestling news (0-18).
Our wrestler spotlight in this one covers the NWA legend Chief Wahoo McDaniel. He was an extremely popular wrestler out of the mid-atlantic and we are here to relive a bit of it (18-31).

The indie scene was busy as usual in November (31-1:21).
NOAH finished their global league, Stardom finished tag league and had 'best of goddess' show, and RPW was back at the guildhall with PAC in the main event (31-43). Progress had Ch 79 with a returning Travis Banks in the ring (43-51). wXw had their fallout show from Broken Rules in Hamburg to crown the true wXw champion (51-1:04). Impact wrestling continues to set up their big January ppv with Final Hour and their building tv shows (1:04-1:14). Last to cover are episodes 31-33 of MLW as they set up two big event coming in December (1:14-1:21).

Into tier 2 promotions, as tag league in NJPW continues and ROH sets up for Final Battle, CMLL completed their Leyende de Plata annual tournament with some great lucha action (1:21-1:25).
In the latest for WWE, Rad and JD briefly discuss some ongoings within NXT UK, NXT post War Games, and our stance on who is indeed 'the man' (1:25-1:47).

We finish off the cast as we usually do with an episode of WCW Thunder (eps 13, 1998) 10 days before Spring Stampede. How will this one be (1:47-end)?
Cast completes with wrestler rankings and an iTunes review.

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