Wrestling: Ep 18 - Global War Games Series

I always get my man. ACH and Walter have supposedly signed with WWE. What does this mean (0-11)?

Back in the early 90's of the WWF, highly gimmick characters were a-plenty. This episode we spotlight the evil Canadian wrestler The Mountie (11-19).

In the indie scene JD breaks down some event highlights of various promotions (19-49).
A discussion starts with GWF and WrestlingKult French wrestler Senza Volto. Move into discussing the fallout from the She-1 over in Pro Wrestling Eve (23-28). Then, a little update over a match from NOAH's Global League and wXw's event Broken Rules feature PCO v Dragunov in the main event (29-43). The indie scene is concluded reviewing RPW's Uprising event Starr v Ishii (43-49).


Into Tier 2, JD has some thoughts over NJPW's tag league as well as some decent to good matches featured during ROH's Global Wars tour (49-56).

WWE had a big weekend with NXT War Games and Survivor Series. Did they deliver or was it simply dull (56-1:23)?

It wouldn't be RLR without finishing out the cast by looking back. WCW Thunder Eps 12 - 26 Mar. 1998 (1:23-end). Podcast wrestler rankings to finish out and a brief talk over Progress Ch 78.


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