Wrestling: Ep 17 - Ultima Lucha Survival of the Struggle

Hey yo. It's survey time. Let's compare WWE in Saudi Arabia to NJPW in North Korea back in the early 90's (0-16).

One of the biggest names of the 90's was Scott Hall. Be it when he was Razor Ramon in ladder matches or part of the original nWo, the bad guy is worth going back to spotlight (16-36). Jay from the Smack It Down podcast joins JD to discuss in this fantastic episode.

The wide world of wrestling on the indies is ramping up to another big outing. We discuss a whole lot from A-Kid in White Wolf Wrestling out of Spain, wXw Road to Broken Rules, Stardom True Fight 2018, Bar Wrestling 21, Lucha Underground season 4 finale Ultima Lucha Cuatro, and Progress Ch 77 (36-1:26).

From there, Robert from the "Loud Mouth Wrestling" podcast joins JD to discuss the on-goings in AJPW (1:26-1:37) and the start of NOAH wrestling's Global League to round up the indie scene (1:37-1:56).

Into Tier 2, Robert from LM Wrestling and JD discuss ROH Survival of the Fittest and how it plays into the state of ROH (1:56-2:25).

Jay returns to join JD for review and fallout from NJPW Power Struggle, brief thoughts on-look into tag league and how it all plays into Wrestle Kingdom (2:25-2:47).

WWE has gone insane. NKT UK, NXT into War Games, and WWE booking looking back and into Survivor Series. Is there a method to the madness (2:47-3:22)?

It wouldn't be RLR without finishing out the cast by looking back. WCW Thunder Eps 11 - 19 Mar. 1998 (3:22-end). Podcast wrestler rankings to finish out.


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