Wrestling: Ep 16 - Global Wars Evolution

Don't throw chairs into the ring! As a fun start off, we do a start your own wrestling promotion fantasy draft with 10 picks each among five people (0-29).

Remember how crazy ECW was? Well, our spotlight covers possibly the most popular tag team to come from the extreme promotion in the Public Enemy (29-48).

Tier 3 indie had a little variety lately. Tessa Blanchard and Mercedes Martinez had a 75 min ironwoman match out of Rise wrestling, and we also cover events from RPW's Global Wars UK event. We finish up the indies by catching up with events from Lucha Underground season 4 heading into the finale at Ultima Lucha Cuatro (48-1:08).

In tier 2, NJPW has had their Road to Power Struggle tour ongoing with the Jr Tag Tournament. We cover news and the teams leading into the Power Struggle event (1:08-1:20).

WWE had their historic first ever historical all women's ppv in Evolution. Was it good and who came out on top (1:20-1:57)?

As we do, we close out the show with reviewing WCW and reached another ppv event in Uncensored 1998 with the main event Savage v Hogan in a steel cage (1:57-end). Podcast wrestler rankings at the end (2:26-end).


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