Wrestling: Ep 15 - Kings Bound for Wembley

Take out WCW brick by brick. We introduce this episode with some NXT and NXTUK talk along with some women's wrestling going on (0-15).

This spotlight is all about the early 90's WCW faction called The Dangerous Alliance lead by Paul E. Dangerously (15-44).

Tier 3 indie was busy lately with Progress Ch 76 headlining Wembley as the boys from the Smack It Down podcast joins JD to discuss this monumental show (44-1:18). From there Rad and JD go into the crazy weekend out of Germany as wXw had World Tag Team League (1:18-1:34). Last to cover in the indies is what went down and stories falling out from Impact Bound for Glory (1:34-1:52).

In tier 2, NJPW had their King of Pro Wrestling ppv ranging from a Jericho appearence all the way to a new LIJ member. What a crazy show (1:52-2:26).

WWE Super Show Down happened and the Smack It Down boys come back to discuss their first hand experiences there (2:26-2:46).

Of course Rad and JD finish out with reviewing an episode of WCW Thunder: Eps 10 March 12, 1998 (2:46-end). Podcast wrestler rankings at the end.


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