Wrestling: Ep 13 - Violent Delights in a Cell

Rated R Superstar! After I introduce a new guest host, we run down quickly what has happened in women's wrestling: Shine 53, Mae Young Classic 2 and Stardom's 5 Star Grand Prix (0-12).
JD also recounts a Beyond Wrestling show he went to titled: Somebody's Farewell Probably main evented by Cage v Jordynne Grace (12-28).

Our spotlight for this covers Edge. The man that started as a tag team specialist and evolved to the Rated R Superstar (28-52).

We do a super quick cliff notes recap of what has been going down in Impact wrestling and wXw weekly shows (52-1:03).

Then, Jay from Smack It Down joins JD for a few show reviews: Progress Ch 75 (1:03-1:26), RPW British J-Cup (1:26-1:41), and NJPW as it finished up the 'Destruction tour' (1:41-2:12).

The cast goes into booking highlights and downs of what happened at WWE Hell in a Cell and NXT's main event of Dunne v Ricochet. Also, sporadic frustrations of the current 'E's bookings (2:14-3:10).


We finish up with reviewing an episode of WCW Thunder: Eps 8 Feb 26, 1998 (3:10-3:28). Quickly, finish off with the podcast wrestler rankings (3:28-end).


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Thank you to Jay from Smack It Down for joining me in this episode.

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