Wrestling: Ep 12 - All In Fan Appreciation

We love to fight. In this intro to the episode we discuss Defiant's tv title match last month of Ospreay v Walter, and catch up with both Mae Young Classic 2 and Stardom's 5 Star Grand Prix (0-16).

Our spotlight in this episode covers the excellent ring worker Dave 'Fit' Finlay. He was the man that kickstarted training WWE's golden age of women's wrestlers (16-41).

In our Tier 3 indie wrestling discussion we got some quick recaps of NOAH's Kawasaki's Festival, Marufuji's 20th Anniversary, AJPW's Summer Explosion, and some Impact Wrestling (41-59).

Then, Jay from Smack It Down joins JD for an in depth review of wXw's Fan Appreciation Nights 1 and 2 (59-2:17).

Rad and JD finally cover what went down at All In and mark out to it (2:17-2:52).

In our Tier 2, NJPW is on their Road to Destruction tour and ROH's 30 minute iron man match from TV (2:52-3:00).

The 2018 WWE Hell in a Cell ppv is coming, and we have some feelings about what has been going down lately and the lead up through the promotion: main roster, nxt, and 205live (3:00-3:20). Quick rundown over the podcast's wrestler rankings.

We finish up with reviewing, not an episode of WCW Thunder, but Super Brawl 8, 1998 (3:20-end).


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