Wrestling: Ep 11 - World Women’s Wrestling Bracketology

Women's wrestling is good and cool and fun! Travis joins JD to discuss and break down the wide world of women's wrestling. Our spotlight wrestler for this one is about Akira Hokuto whom is arguably one of the greatest women's wrestlers of all time (0-28).

We have a discussion topic focused on women's wrestling and naturally we have some thoughts about the upcoming WWE Evolution ppv (28--46).

For this, we have a recap of major events from women's wrestling promotions from Shine to Oz Academy to Ice Ribbon in Japan (46-1:03).

We have predictions, an overview of all the wrestlers, and discussion covering the Stardom 5 Star Grand Prix (1:03-1:35).
Naturally, we do the same thing plus bracketology over the coming Mae Young Classic 2 from WWE (1:35-2:10).

As usual we finish up with reviewing our latest episode of WCW Thunder: eps 7 Feb 19, 1998. This is the go-home show before SuperBrawl 8 (2:10-2:48). JD finishes out the cast with the wrestler rankings of the cast (2:48-end).


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