Wrestling: Ep 10 - Summer Climax Slam Sizzler

The Hart Foundation lives on. Rad and JD make eps 10 a super long special one. We begin with small discussion over WOS wrestling, Sami Callihan in Impact, Shane Strickland's month and more (0-17) Our wrestler spotlight this time is over long time Hart Foundation member Jim the Anvil Neidhart (17-32).

Indie scene coverage is over Ch 73,74 of Progress wrestling and followed up by a quick recap of Evolve 108-111 (32-50).

From there, LK from the Loud Mouth Wrestling podcast joins JD as a guest to review RPW Summer Sizzler in FULL (54-2:09).

Afterwards, Jay is back again from the Smack It Down podcast to discuss AAA TripleMania (2:09-2:20).
We both then finally finish up in Tier 2 with the final 4 days of the 2018 G1 Climax from NJPW including the epic final showdown between Tanahashi v Ibushi (2:20-2:50).

Rad and JD really break down WWE Summerslam, the fallout from each storyline and wrestlers, and of course get excited over what happened at NXT TakeOver Brooklyn (2:50-3:50). Ending includes the podcast's wrestler ranking.

As usual we finish up with reviewing our latest episode of WCW Thunder: eps 6 Feb 12, 1998 including the main event of Ric Flair v Lex Luger (3:50-end).


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Thank you to Jay from Smack It Down and LK from Loud Mouth Wrestling to make this episode a special long one.

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