Wrestling: Ep 08 - Extreme G1 Strong Style Special

Shades of Shibata! This episode begins with a discussion on our immediate thoughts surrounding the newly announced WWE all women's ppv coming in Oct 2018. This is followed by some thoughts over wXw's 16 Carat Gold Night 1 ppv from 2009 (0-21) Our wrestler spotlight for the episode is over one of NJPW's 'Three Muskateers' Katsuyori Shibata (21-39).

Our indie focus starts out with a recap of events from Lucha Underground season 4 episodes 2-6 and thoughts. (39-51). AJPW came off their Dynamit Series at the end of June (51-56). Next, we discuss the highlights surrounding the main belts in NOAH after their Emerald Spirits event (56-1:04). Last in the indies is a discussion over RPW's cross over with NJPW at Strong Style Evolved UK headlined by Ishii v Suzuki. We also talk about the match in the rain Suzuki v Okada (1:04-1:17)!

Tier 2 is focused on the recent NJPW event G1 Special headlined by Cody Rhodes v Omega and the fallout surrounding the ppv (1:17-1:39). Naturally, last is WWE. This time is about 2018 Extreme Rules (1:39-2:04).

Jay and JD finish out the cast as we review past episodes of WCW Thunder: episode 4 (2:04-2:17). Then, the cast ends after a quick rundown of the wrestler rankings for the cast (2:17-end).


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