Wrestling: Ep 07 - UK Best in the World

Oh it's time, it's Vader time! We start with discussing Lashley v Roman and what the wXw women think of the women's revolution (0-23) Our wrestler spotlight for the episode is the international legend of Big Van Vader (23-52).

The indie show focus of this episode start off going over the farewell tour of Io Shirai from Japan, then Defiant Built to Destroy, some decent matches from CMLL, and then a lot of discussion surrounding Evolve 106 and 107 which JD personally got to attend (52-1:40).

Into our tier 2 promotions, NJPW finished off Kizuna Road before their next ppv run, but the big topics are over the good to great matches seen at Ring of Honor Best in the World (1:40-2:00). Last for the modern wrestling is always WWE. The NXT UK tournament has come to a conclusion and we discuss the results (2:03-2:17). JD updates the 2018 wrestlecast wrestler rankings before going into the last segment. 

Rad and JD finish out the cast as we review past episodes of WCW Thunder: episode 3 (2:23-end). 


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