Wrestling: Ep 05 - Super Strong Super Junior Scrappermania

So much Indie wrestling so much to discuss (0-6)! Our wrestler spotlight for this episode is over the super iconic Ultimate Warrior. We channel the power from the heavens to discuss this larger than life figure (6-32). As usual, we go into the indie wrestling scene from around the world and almost every promotion had a major event to talk about! So much and so little time! Indie (32-1:54): Progress Super Strong Style 16 (32-1:01), Revolution Pro Epic Encounter (1:01-1:12), OTT Scrappermania IV (1:12-1:28), wXw (1:28-1:32), Evolve (1:32-1:38), All Japan Pro Wrestling (1:38-1:48), other miscellaneous indie updates (1:48-1:54).

Into our tier 2 promotions, Ring of Honor comes off their Honor United tour in the UK (1:54-1:59). NJPW just finished out their 2018 Best of the Super Juniors Tournament and Jay from the Smack It Down Podcast joins in to discuss (2:00-2:43). There are some fun things to talk about in WWE like a good 205 live match, rivalries building in NXT, and some thoughts on the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV (2:43-3:06). 

Rad and JD finish out the cast with our new segment as we review past episodes of WCW Thunder starting with episode 1 (3:06-3:39). JD updates the 2018 wrestlecast wrestler rankings to close out (3:39-end).


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