Wrestling: Ep 04 - No Regrets Backlash

May has seen some good events come and go as well as what could possibly be the worst WWE ppv in quite some time (0-6). We continue with our starting segment which covers a retro-old school wrestler. We talk a bit about the wrestler and a couple matches. This one is another recently passed away wrestler in Nick 'Big Bully' Busick (6-19). From there we review the rising indie scene first with Defiant No Regrets ppv and then into the super indie promotion German Wrestling Federation. The GWF had an all women's ppv in Women's Revolution as well as Mystery Mayhem (20-52). wXw had their own big event in Superstars of Wrestling ppv and man it was something including a possible match of the year candidate (52-1:46). NJPW put on a good showing with some marquee matches and surprises from Hi no Kuni to Dontaku Day 1-2. RoH was a little more quiet this time around (1:46-2:26). We wrap up the cast as covering WWE. Join us as we share our thoughts on the latest from 205 live, NXT, and then sulk in sadness over the ppv Backlash 2018 (2:26-3:19). The cast rounds out with the podcast top wrestler table from each Tier and updates the top of table in full (3:19-end).

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