Wrestling: Ep 03 - Greatest Royal Redemption

April was nuts as the band is back with Travis aka HibikiTMD to discuss the wide world of wrestling from Mania weekend to the Greatest Royal Rumble. We begin with a new segment which covers a retro-old school wrestler. We talk a bit about the wrestler and a couple matches. First up is recently passed away legend in Bruno Sammartino (0-23). From there we cover the rising indie scene in order of Evolve 102-103, Progress Ch 66-67, wXw True Colors, and Impact Redemption (23-1:12). RoH and NJPW has had a quite few weeks but RoH Masters of Craft and Road to Dontaku did have some highlights worth discussing (1:12-1:35). We wrap up the cast as usual covering WWE. The guys here at RLR disucss some NXT possibilities such as what to do with Gargano and Ciampa, and the positive notes over 205 live recently. Raw and SD had a bunch of debuts, returns, and the Superstar Shakeup. However, is this really a good thing? Finally, we finish with some opinions over the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia (1:35-end).

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