Retrocast: Ep 10 - A Retro Take on Modern Games

Time for a special tenth episode with a special guest, Drew aka ColoR_Z_. We have an introduction catching up with gaming and what we have been playing (0-20). We answer community questions from our amazing listeners (20-51). Our main discussion topic is a passionate discussion about microtransactions in gaming (51-1:40). This retro gaming topic theme comes from our special guest Drew by taking some of the most current popular games and picking a retro game that is "related" to it in some way or form(1:40-3:08). We all finish out with our final thoughts from there.

Metal Gear (NES)
Beyond Oasis (Genesis)
Grand Theft Auto (PS)
Jet Set Radio (DC)
Turrican II (Genesis)
Quarantine (3DO, Saturn)


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