Anime: Ep 15 - Battle Angel Alita (OVA and Manga)

Brand new year makes for a brand new begining with a fun intro of our anime new year's resolution and some 'Quest' talk (0-28). A lot of news came out in between casts, so we are here to update you on the fun (28-53). Then, it is a question filled power hour featuring everything from a loyal listener (53-1:35). A new season means the 'Bar' has moved. We highlight over some shows from our moving bar at Winter 2003 (1:35-1:45). Of course we hit on our most hyped shows of the upcoming Winter 2018 season with a new blood pact and a fun shoutout (1:45-2:15). A special OVA came out in the early 90's highlighting an ongoing manga by the name of Battle Angel Alita. We discuss this OVA with comparing the manga (2:15-2:54).

From there we discuss all9 volumes of the manga and talk about the trailer for the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of Battle Angel Alita (2:54-end).


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