Anime: Ep 11 - Excel Saga

After some bad luck, the spirits are to be lifted with an episode about comedy. First, we jump into Fall 2017 seasonal impressioin (0-60). All of the hosts have their segments: Tori's quest update, JD's own quest/shonen update, and overall fun and nonsense [Note:There is a small Your Name spoiler] (60-2:00). We all then jump into a cultural outlook on comedy as a genre including what makes comedy different by country and more (2:00-2:53). This is followed by a discussion and review of the black-comedy OVA Blugeoning Angel Dokuro-Chan requested by the community (2:53-3:15). Finally, we review the ever high energy and crazy comedy from 1999 called Excel Saga... hail Ilpallazo (3:15-end)


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