Anime: Ep 10 - Evangelion

In a special deep in depth analysis, this episode is about Eva. Luckily, one of the cast members is a full on Senpai when it comes to the show. The intro is short and sweet (0-8). All of the hosts have their segments: Tori's quest update, JD's shonen update, Hiki's Summer anime watch everything conclusion (8-55). With the Fall 2017 season here, we have a quick outlook on the anime coming out (55-1:12). This is followed by community question with mostly a focus over Neon Genesis Evangelion (1:12-2:00). When Evangelion came out in the early 90's, it started what can only be an innovative movement. There was even an ending movie titles End of Evangelion to finish what was started. There is so much interpretation, and with a cast member well versed in all things Eva, he enlightens us into discussion and deep thought. (2:00-end)


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