Retrocast: Ep 33 - Xmas Presents as a Child

Happy holiday season! We got some Night in the Woods and Papers Please to discuss as we introduce the cast (0-24).
Heavy news lately concerning major triple-a titles doing horrible in sales. We turn it around after being so negative with a lot of nostalgia remember many of our gaming Christmas memories (24-60).
Finally, our theme for the cast are games we got for Christmas as a kid cause we know the rule, you get only a few games a year and need to make those last. What did we get (1:00-end)?

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Fighting (SNES)
Crazy Taxi (DC)      
Star Wars Eps 1 Racer (GBC, N64)  
Mario Sunshine      
Contra (NES)      
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (NES)  


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