Retrocast: Ep 21 - Vehicular Combat

After the usual 'what have you been playing (0-14) the usual guys of the retrogaming game get hyped for the upcoming E3 2018 with a segment called "justify your console." We made a list of 10 must have games for each of the three major consoles out today (14-55). Afterwards, we discuss some of Nintendo Switch Online and the new Neo Geo mini console coming out (55-1:20). Finally, the theme of the episode brings us to discuss a number of games based on car/vehicular combat. If the car has weapons or is primarily used as a weapon we picked games based on this and found out if some were good or some were bad (1:21-end).

Super Mario Kart (SNES)
Crash Team Racing (PS)
Diddy Kong Racing (N64)
Rock n Roll Racing (SNES, MD)
Burnout 2
Lego Racers (N64, PS)
Speed Punks (PS)
Road Rash
Twisted Metal (PS)


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