Modern Cast: Ep 10 - May 2018 E3 Predictions (with Bcom from Nerdom and Other Nonsense)

May 2018 has come and gone. With E3 2018 around the corner, there is a lot to discuss. Bcom from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense podcast joins Drew and JD for this super fun and frantic episode (0-17). With trailer and conference reveals of arguably the two most anticipated casual audience games on the market, we must discuss Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5. Drew knows the ins-and-outs of many details surrounding BO4 (17-42) and then we dive into what Dice is doing with this new Battlefield rendition (42-57). From there, the three of us make and discuss our hopes and expectations surrounding most of the conferences at the upcoming 2018 E3: Nintendo (57-1:10), Sony (1:10-1:19), XBOX (1:19-1:36), 3rd Party (1:36-1:52). Lastly, Bcom and JD discuss 4 games that were released in May: Agony, State of Decay 2, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon, and a deeper discussion over the Playstation exclusive Detroit Become Human (1:53-end).

State of Decay 2  
Detroit Become Human
Bloodstained Curse of the Moon


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