Anime: Ep 60 - Attack No 1 Eps 1-14 (2019 Summer Reviews)

Volleyball is deadly.

Intro talk and the first impressions of Rise Up aka isekai wrestler (0-16)
Tori's Backlog Cleaning: Freezing (16-29)
Manga Manhwa Checkout Solo Leveling (29-51)

2019 Summer Reviews (51-2:46)
O Maidens in Your Savage Season (51-1:09)
Dumbbell (1:09-1:17)
Demon Slayer (1:17-1:37)
Arifureta (1:37-1:51)
Cop Craft (1:51-1:57)
Dan-Machi S2 (1:57-2:17)
Astra Lost in Space (2:17-2:35)
Granbelm (2:35-2:46)

Retro Review: Attack No 1 Eps 1-14 (2:46-end)


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