Anime: Ep 39 - Legend of the Galactic Heroes Eps 1-26 (with Andrew from Recovery of an Anime Junkie)

A good dictator or a corrupt democracy? In this podcast episode we are joined by Andrew from the Recovery of an Anime Junkie podcast in his second appearance. First, we have our usual housekeeping and our contest winner announcement (0-7).
We got some news like a new Rumiko manga, new Ghost in the Shell coming, and making fun of Andrew's three favourite anime in a call back to our very first anime episode (7-56).

In 1988, an OVA space opera series started and it went on to be regarded as one of the greatest anime of all time. That tile is called the Legend of the Galactic Heroes. We cover season one aka episodes 1-26, and we discuss, break down, and analyze this epic to the fullest extent we could (56-end).


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