Anime: Ep 38 - Gunslinger Girl (2018 Fall Impressions)

If you were broken, would you become a killing machine? Tori watched so many movies, but which ones is he going to bring up for discussion this time? Also, Netflix has made a splash bring live action adaptations, Cowboy Bebop, and Evangelion to stream legally (0-45).
The time has finally come as the hosts here cover 9 anime to give their Fall 2018 impressions over (45-2:00).
Index season 3 (45-51)
Tsurune (51-53)
Release the Spyce (53-58)
Zombieland Saga (58-1:07)
SSSGridman (1:07-1:20)
Bunny girl (1:20-1:36)
Bookstore Honda-san (1:36-1:44)
Run with the Wind (1:44-1:50)
Karakuri Circus (1:50-2:00)
Our retro anime up for review is when Madhouse reigned supreme and didn't really make sequels. It's about if broken young girls get a second chance at life converted into spies and killing machines in an anime called Gunslinger Girl from 2003 (2:00-end).


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