Anime: Ep 29 - Future Boy Conan

Hot dang fun anime times ahead. JD got a RightStuff package in the mail, and our main man/best host Tori has two quest updates over Eden of the East and Katangatari (0-38). We have a couple discussion topics this time as it is finally time to review the Spring anime season (38-2:05). Then, as we do, the hosts outlook the Summer 2018 anime season and take a look at some shows that now qualify for review based on the moving bar (2:05-2:40). We finish out the cast by reviewing a timely classic that all anime fans should at least give a try. It is Future Boy Conan from 1978 (2:40-end).

Spring Anime covered - Golden Kamuy (38), Amanchu Advance (50), Sword Art Online AGGO (1:04), Hinamatsuri (1:15), Tada Never Falls in Love (1:27), Uma Musume (1:34), Megalo Box (1:41)


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