Anime: Ep 26 - Whistle (with Andrew from Recovery of an Anime Junkie)

World Cup, Stanley Cup, NBA finals are all sports which means we are talking Sports Anime. Andrew from the Recovery of an Anime Junkie podcast joins the world wide weebs at RLR and start off by shooting from the cuff (0-24). Tori, of course, has an important quest update. A interesting and unique anime called Flag from 2006 is discussed (24-36). Wondering what the big deal is with sports anime? Our sports anime discussion takes us through many of the notable sports anime out there from retro to modern. We also go over tropes and what elements to expect from sports anime (36-2:06). One of Andrews favourite sports anime out there is a little thing called Whistle from 2002, and he just had to join the crew at RLR to get the word out on it. We review and discuss all aspects over this football anime (2:06-end).


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