Anime: Ep 25 - Slayers (with Jay from Smack It Down)

For episode 25 not only do we have a guest in Jay from the Smack It Down podcast, but we also start off with some pretty good story time (0-19). Tori has another quest update. This time over a strange 2005 anime called Basilisk (19-32). We had a question for discussion from a listener about the best romance anime stemming from Maison Ikkoku (32-56). From there, we go into the great debate over Pokemon vs Digimon. We compare likes and dislikes over Pokemon the First Movie from 98 and the Hosoda directed Digimon the Movie: War Games from 2000 (58-1:42). As Jay is the guest, he chose the retro anime up for review to be the cult classic from 1995 called Slayers. Does it stand up today though? (1:42-end).


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