Anime: Ep 23 - Mobile Police Patlabor (with Bcom from Nerdom and Other Nonsense)

On a glorious Patlabor Day, we at RLR are joined by Bcom from the Nerdom and Other Nonsense podcast as we introduce the cast and what's up (0-6). Do you enjoy music based anime? The Tori's quest update over Beck should peak your interest (6-22). A brand new anime based mobile/browser game has released recently called Idolmaster Shiny Colors. Lots of discussion ensues. (22-36). Netflix is running wild with their anime original releases here in 2018. We discuss many talking points over Netflix anime like simulcasting and improvements (36-1:05). Picked by special guest Bcom himself, we review not only the original Patlabor OVA, but also the two sequel movies. Let's hop into those Labors and review Patlabor on Labor Day (1:05-end)!


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Thank you to Bcom from Nerdom and Other Nonsense podcast for joining us.

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