Anime: Ep 19 - 2017 Anime of the Year (with Super Anime Super Show)

It's all about the 2017 anime of the year. We have 20 categories to go through, all with a winner based on the ranking opinions of the guys here at RLR joined by special guests from the Super Anime Super Show.
We begin with our intro learning about our guests and the Crunchyroll award breakdown aka rip it apart (0-17). We dive into each Crunchyroll award category and the nominations with winners, discussion and disagreements included (17-60). From there, each host in a round robin style have their top 5 anime from 2017 to tell everyone about (60-1:34). Last but not least, is the RLR x SASS 2017 anime awards featuring 20 categories including most overrated, most disappointing, worst anime of the year, and more. May the arguement and snubs begin (1:34-end).


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Special thanks to our guests from the Super Anime Super Show.

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